Stained glass manufacturing technologies

Artistic stained-glass window means a work of decorative and applied art, which is made in the form of an ornamental or subject composition made from fragments of multi-colored glass. Stained-glass windows are also called ordinary panorama-type glazing. Nowadays, the use of such products allows you to implement the most original and interesting design solutions in the process of creating the interior of the premises..

Based on the technologies used in the process of creating, stained-glass windows are conventionally divided into four types. Methods that have survived since time immemorial are used for the production of artistic or classic stained glass windows. First, a sketch is created, which is then transferred to cardboard in natural size. Based on it, the glass elements of the pattern are cut, which are then fastened together using a lead profile of a certain configuration..

For the manufacture of Tiffany stained-glass windows, a slightly different technology of fastening glass elements is used. Their edges are pasted over with copper foil, after which they are soldered. This made it possible to manufacture products not only flat, but also three-dimensional. This method is best for drawings with fine details, where small pieces of glass need to be joined at curved edges..

Today the popularity of this type of mosaic is very high. In addition, using this technology, it is possible to make not only stained glass structures, but also a variety of souvenirs, decorative elements..

Fusing-style stained glass constructions are made by sintering colored glass. Initially, all the details of the future composition are cut out of glass according to templates. Glass granules or batch can also be used. The prepared parts of the future stained-glass window are placed in an oven with a heating temperature of more than 800 °, where they are sintered into one whole.

In addition, nowadays you can often find imitation of a classic stained glass window. It is made of high-strength materials, which in their texture and colors exactly repeat the stained glass. Technologically, the process of its assembly visually completely repeats the classical method, due to which the volume and decorativeness of the image is fully preserved..

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