Tennis floor

Tennis floor

Tennis is very popular with all strata of people who want to immerse themselves in the fabulous world of sports, which is more than a hundred years old.. Previously, tennis was played only by rich people, it was a sport for the rich, and even now many tennis cups have a history with a royal flavor, since many tennis cups and sports events arose under the auspices of one or another king of Europe. Nowadays, everyone can play tennis, although this pleasure is not cheap, and ammunition for playing sports needs to be purchased for a lot of money..

But still, many parents send their children to tennis, wishing that they might be able to receive a significant impetus for development. And therefore, in our time, a huge number of tennis courts is a natural phenomenon in many countries, where interest in this sport is constantly growing. But here it should be noted in a separate line that tennis flooring is a high-tech material that must have special properties that will not allow it to deteriorate at the same time, and will not allow tennis players to feel uncomfortable on the tennis court. The tennis surface is made of synthetic materials, and it is multi-layered, which makes it possible to change it as rarely as possible so as not to spend a lot of money. At the same time, it should be noted that the covering for tennis courts is constantly being modified, it is made more durable, wear-resistant, and also more convenient for tennis players. Of course, this is one of the most significant differences between tennis and other sports, where the use of synthetic surfaces is strictly prohibited, since playing on natural grass is not only a long-standing tradition in various sports, but also with intense loads on the legs of athletes, less load.

Nevertheless, tennis became the first sport where synthetic turf was used, and now, thanks to tennis, synthetic turf is being used even more often, since there is no longer any difference between them and natural grass. Artificial turf makes it possible to solve a lot of difficulties that may arise for people who decide to go in for tennis, since the cat of the court cover also depends a lot.

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