Vegetables and fruits in the house: growing, buying, storing

If you want to live a healthy life, then you need to learn how to properly handle food in your home.. In addition to knowing which foods are good and which are harmful, you should also understand where to store them and how to buy them. The refrigerator is not a place for all foods, but even vegetables that need to be kept cool should be processed well first..

The cheapest option to always have healthy and fresh vegetables is to grow them in your own garden. If there are no beds, they use home farms (mini-farms for apartments are already on sale, and if there is no way to start something big, then you can just grow spices and salads in pots).

If you have a summer cottage, and you grow some vegetables on it, of which there are too many in the season of a good harvest, you can make blanks out of them or make pies. Exta products can be exchanged with neighbors for something you need, for example, ask for some potatoes instead of strawberries. If you are not used to changing and feel uncomfortable doing it (although there is nothing wrong with that), you can bake desserts or pies and then distribute them to neighbors. Such a simple gesture will help to win their attention and love, so when they have something extra, they will share it too..

If you buy fruits or vegetables from a grocery store, avoid bagged items. Pre-packaged vegetables and fruits (especially those that do not need to be washed) are more expensive and are not always as fresh and healthy as the products in the trays..

If you eat «like a chick» and therefore don’t have time to eat a head of cabbage or a large vegetable before it spoils, consider buying frozen vegetables. We are not talking about semi-finished products, but about simple frozen vegetables (no spices, no additives — just simple freezing of ordinary vegetables). You can consume frozen vegetables in the amount that is convenient for you, and they will be stored for a long time..

Learn proper storage techniques for the foods you buy. Something needs to be kept in the refrigerator, and some food needs a dry place and room temperature.

Most people in Russia store various fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, which in most cases is detrimental to the product..

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