Coating waterproofing method

Lubricating waterproofing is a single or multi-layer coating. The thickness of such insulation ranges from a few millimeters to five centimeters. It is used to protect the house from atmospheric moisture and to isolate foundations from groundwater. Solutions for coating waterproofing can be made on the basis of bitumen or cement.

Solutions for coating waterproofing can be made on the basis of bitumen or cement. For example, ivsil hard coating insulation gutter can be found by clicking on the link.

The main advantages of coating-type waterproofing products are ease of use and short time required to treat the room. That is why they are used in huge industrial facilities. However, the use of coating waterproofing is convenient both in private houses and in garages. It is also worth noting that this is an economical waterproofing method..

Plastic waterproofing mortars can be applied not only to flat surfaces, they are also perfect for sealing shallow cracks and small cavities. With their help, you can simultaneously correct minor surface flaws and make the walls waterproof..

The most difficult moment in the whole process, perhaps, is the choice of solution. It is necessary to take into account many factors: climatic conditions, temperature during work, the area of ​​the surface to be treated, the loads to which the treated surface will be subjected. An important factor when choosing a mastic is the price. The range of prices in the market is quite large.

In individual construction, it is best to use hot bitumen-polymer and cold mastics based on organic solvents. They are applied with ordinary brushes, spatulas, rollers. It is necessary to control the thickness of the applied layer, trying to make it uniform over the entire area. When using solvent-based mastics, great attention should be paid to fire safety.

It is best to apply the solution in dry weather, following all manufacturer’s instructions and safety regulations. It must be remembered that the polymerization time is different for all solutions. There are compositions that harden in one day, others can polymerize for up to ten days..

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