Decking H-153

The corrugated board is made using the technology of cold rolled steel, a distinctive feature of the finished sheet is the presence of a profile of various shapes and heights, based on the purpose of application, the corrugated board is divided into facing, fence (fence), roofing, bearing. The difference between the sheets is in the height and shape of the corrugation, which gives the sheet an element of strength and rigidity..

Profiled sheeting H153, letter «N» gives the basic concept of the purpose of the sheet — bearing. This corrugated board differs from its counterparts in its special strength, steel thickness, and profile, the height of which varies from 44mm and above. Technical characteristics allow the corrugated board of this brand to be used in those places where there are constant loads, and guaranteed durability, low price, a variety of colors, ease of use and waste-free material during installation make the corrugated board the leader among building materials in the field of its application..

The purpose of the H153 corrugated board is varied, it can be used as a roofing or load-bearing building material.

Roofing corrugated board is used for installation and reconstruction of a rigid roof at large industrial facilities and buildings, for creating canopies and awnings, it can also be used for the construction of strong fences of various territories.

«Bearing» corrugated board is used in the construction of interfloor floors, stationary formwork

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