Tiny Homes in Canada: A Decision Fueled by High Property Values

The residential real estate market in Vancouver offers relatively expensive housing, making it difficult for people to afford their own homes.. But you need to live somewhere, so you have to come up with ways to get out of this situation. In Russia, the privatization of a small plot in the region and the construction of a small house on it would help. In Vancouver, a woman found another option — she hired a company to build a tiny mobile home that she can move to any place she wants..

Isabella Morey is tired of expensive rentals in Vancouver, and she has no money for her own house. So she hired a local firm, Camera Buildings, to build a tiny home that she can afford financially. The size of her house is 18.5 square meters.

The tiny house was set up on a trailer so that it can be towed anywhere, and Isabella did not have to buy a piece of land, which also costs a lot of money in Canada. Her new home is very cozy and has everything you need for life. Living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower. The main living area is separated by two steps and features a hidden pull-out bed and additional storage space specially designed by Camera Buildings.

The kitchen is located along the left side of the house. And the house as a whole does not look as cramped as it seems when you call it area — only 18.5 square meters.

Home siding is made of cedar. The window frames are made of the same material. The parquet floor is made from recycled wood. Among other things, the windows are made in such a way as to provide good natural ventilation as needed, but at the same time the insulation of the house is very good — it is made of rigid foam and mineral wool..

Autonomous electricity is supplied to the house, and a gas water heater provides hot water on demand.

The cost of the construction was not disclosed, but Camera Buildings says that after Isabella, new customers have emerged for tiny houses of this type with autonomous systems. Among them are those who want to put their home on wheels, similar to the Mori project. And there are landowners who have a tiny plot of land and want to place a small house of this kind on it..

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