A small world for young discoverers

The interior of the house has a great impact on the mood of its inhabitants.. What can we say about impressionable and addicted dreamers — our children. It is in his room that the baby begins to learn about the world, takes the first steps, reads the first book. Therefore, it is so important to make sure that the inquisitive discoverer is surrounded by beautiful, cozy and at the same time safe objects..

The range of children’s furniture on the market is large, but parents should be very scrupulous in choosing an interior for their baby..

Fifteen years of experience of the furniture factory «UFOkids» made the production of children’s furniture the main activity.

Safety and environmental friendliness are priority stringent requirements that are strictly observed in the production of children’s furniture from UFOkids. Little fidgets will spend a lot of time in their room, which means that their furniture should be even more durable and durable than the furniture of their parents. Therefore, only the best materials and accessories from leading manufacturers in Germany and Spain are used in the production..

But the most important thing is the aesthetic moment. The child’s room should please the child, contribute to his harmonious and all-round development. And children are very strict judges. Furniture for children from «UFOkids» is able to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning child — tested in practice.

The wide range of colors is pleasing to the eye for perception. Each of the four ready-made furniture collections — Starla, Flya, Astro and Orancy — combines functionality and style. Whether it’s a little princess, a curious tomboy, a young dreamer or a nature lover, everyone will find furniture to their liking here..

Experienced designers will also help parents draw up an individual project of a children’s room, which will ideally «fit» into the interior of the whole house, taking into account all the planning features.

You can buy furniture both wholesale and retail, on the website or in a store in St. Petersburg. If necessary, delivery across St. Petersburg and the region is possible, ascent to the floor and assembly.

The days when the nursery was no different from other rooms are over. Create your kids’ favorite place in the home — a comfort corner full of little wonders. Genuine joy and happiness in the eyes of a child will be your best gratitude..

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