Actuators and joint sealing

The use of a conventional electromechanical drive for gate automation, roller shutters and much more will make their operation quite simple and, most importantly, convenient.. Thanks to electric drives, you can safely operate heavy gates or manipulate large roller shutters. The electric drive will become indispensable for buildings or objects with a huge number of windows, gates, showcases. With the help of the remote control, they can be closed, as well as opened at the same time or in a given order. The use of electric drives is advisable for a warehouse, shopping center, industrial area, cottage or holiday home.

As you know, panel houses have interpanel seams that require sealing. If you want to order sealing of joints in multi-storey buildings, we advise you to follow the link provided. Experienced industrial climbers will carry out high-quality sealing of interpanel seams at competitive prices.

For their functional purpose, the drives are of the following types:

• swing gates;

• sliding gates;

• wickets;

• automatic doors;

• household sectional doors;

• industrial sectional doors.

The gates, which are automated with the help of robust electric drives, are easily controlled by a remote control or a remote control. The simplest push of a button activates a sufficiently powerful mechanism that allows you to open and close the gate without leaving your own car.

For an unforeseen event, the actuators are equipped with a manual backup control.

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