Application of different types of ceramic bricks

There are not so many types of bricks that are currently available to the developer or the owner of an already erected house.. And to this day, a special place among them is given to ceramic bricks. It is this version of the material that has the greatest strength, since it does not contain any additives..

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It is for this reason that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Ceramic brick is the material that is very well suited for building the foundation of a house. This is especially true for its full-bodied types. Let the weight of a brick of this type is quite large, but it is not afraid of any loads..

Another option for using baked clay bricks is to lay the walls of a house. But here the corpulent type of this material is no longer suitable, since it will press too hard with its mass on the foundation. For this reason, they turn to the use of hollow ceramic bricks, the weight of which is much less..

And another type of use of ceramic bricks is facing. It is used in the process of exterior wall decoration of the dwelling. First of all, this version of the brick is characterized by the fact that it has a very aesthetic performance. Although thanks to him at the same time, you can get decent insulation.

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