Decorative plastering

Decorative plastering

Decorative plaster is applied to a previously prepared wall. The surface is cleaned from the previous coating, be it wallpaper or paint. All irregularities and small holes are also putty and sealed. In order for the plaster to lay down and hold better, the walls are covered with a special deep penetration primer. It is not necessary to apply the finishing layer of putty, but if you have the opportunity and desire, then you can. The ready-made solution of decorative plaster is applied in several layers. The very first layer is the thinnest and is applied with a regular roller. If the plaster is fine-grained, then a pneumatic spray can be used. The layer should lie evenly over the entire surface of the wall. After the first layer has completely dried, the remaining layers are applied.

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The second layer can be applied in an effective way — by spraying. For this, a broom and a stick are taken. The broom is moistened in the plaster solution and slightly hits the stick, but so that the spray scatters along the wall. As a result, after drying, an interesting and beautiful coating will be obtained. It is not necessary to wait for the second layer to dry — you can make a small cloth swab and apply it to the surface, which will create a beautiful pattern. If a drawing is planned on the wall, then a template should be prepared in advance and this image should be applied to the wall surface using it..

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