Variety of construction tools

Construction tools are now available to anyone who needs them.. There is a fairly wide selection of such products on the market today. Construction tools are divided into two types: non-professional and professional.

In the production process, only professional-type tools are used, since they are designed for increased loads. The technical characteristics of such products must necessarily comply with the declared international standards..

Non-professional construction tools are intended for home use. They do not have the same power as a professional tool, and their technical characteristics are not subject to a high level of control..

All tools and consumables can be divided into several types, namely metal cutting, abrasive, threading, pneumatic, electrical, locksmith and measuring tools.

An abrasive material is used to make an abrasive tool. Such a tool is intended for mechanical surface treatment. This type of tool is divided into two types: flexible (belts, discs) and rigid (grinding wheels, bars).

The metal-cutting tool is designed to change the shape or size of parts made of metal or metal surfaces by removing a certain part of them. Such a tool is made in the form of cutters, saws or cutters, and is divided into machine and manual. This type of tool is very popular not only in production, but also in everyday life..

For the manufacture of connections using a thread, a threading tool is used.

Locksmith tools are most in demand in construction. It is used for manual processing of plastic, metal and wood surfaces. This type of tool is used both in the household and in an industrial setting. Locksmith tools can be conditionally divided into such groups as hinge-pliers, cutting, fastening-clamping and percussion. Using a locksmith tool, you can perform a wide variety of work.

As for the measuring tool, it is designed to measure the physical data of an object during its processing..

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