Installation of frame-panel partitions

Frame-panel partitions in wooden houses are the most economical option. In this case, the vertical posts of frame structures are made from boards measuring fifty by one hundred millimeters, the step width being from forty to sixty centimeters. To provide additional stability for the vertical posts, they are connected using a horizontal strapping. By clicking on the following link you can buy covers for auto documents wholesale at low prices.

To increase heat and sound insulation, mineral wool or polystyrene with a thickness of fifty to one hundred millimeters is placed between the wooden posts. Partitions in a wooden house are closed on both sides with a special vapor barrier film. This is done so that the steam generated in the living space cannot penetrate into the insulation and damage the wooden structure. The sheathing of the partition is usually done using plywood eight to ten millimeters thick and sheets of dry gypsum or gypsum fiber plaster ten to fourteen millimeters thick. During the installation of partitions in a wooden house, attention must be paid to the arrangement of the floors. If the floors are made on logs along the ground, then in this case the partitions must be placed on a separate beam, leaving a gap of about one centimeter between the flooring, the ends and the dividing wall.

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