Methods for removing decorative coating

To make this process faster from painstaking, you should use the advice of experienced masters.


— wallpaper roller;

— spatula, stationery knife.

Removal methods.

Option number 1. Dry removal.

Using a clerical knife (spatula) with a little effort, remove, tear off the wallpaper cloth (from top to bottom).

Option number 2. Special formulations. It will help when the wallpaper is held tightly, or comes off in pieces.

Before using them, carry out preparatory work..

De-energize the electrical wiring in the room.

Flat-type sockets and switches are sealed with masking tape.

Protects the floor from moisture.

Using a clerical knife, carefully make notches over the entire area of ​​the canvas (for better absorption of the composition).

Prepare the composition.

Using a roller, the composition is applied to wallpaper up to two meters wide. You will also need a semi-dry floor screed — you can carry out any volumes on time yourself. After application, the wallpaper should blister and darken. As soon as this happens, you can safely start removing the wallpaper. Option number 3. Steaming wallpaper with a steamer. This device has the function of a steam iron. Water is poured into the container, a steamer is applied to the canvas and wait 30 seconds. After that, the wallpaper is quietly removed. It is important to use gloves. By following simple tips, removing old wallpaper will be faster and easier..

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