Trimmer and brushcutter

Garden equipment is presented on the market in a wide variety, in which it is easy to get confused.. Today we will tell you about the features and differences of two popular types of garden and lawn mowing equipment — trimmers and brushcutters..

Let’s start with the trim tabs. These are devices designed for cutting young lawn grass on cleaned flat areas. Due to their low weight and low initial power, they can be used by people who are not very strong, including the elderly and women. Trimmers have an electric or gasoline engine located at the bottom of the device, a curved shaft, but are not equipped with a gearbox. The cutting mechanism is presented in the form of 1-2 knives and a line with a thickness of not more than 2 mm. Many models have a shoulder strap and a D-shaped handle design for a comfortable grip and less strain on the arms. Since the engine has a low power, it is not recommended to work with the device for a long time. So that it does not overheat and fail, you need to work with the trimmer for 15-20 minutes, then take a short break to cool the engine.

Brushcutters are a more powerful device that can be used both in household and professional work. All brushcutter models have a metal shaft with bearings, the rotation of which is transmitted to the head or disc through a gearbox. The brushcutter is distinguished by a relatively large weight and dimensions, therefore it is equipped with a belt device that distributes the weight of the device and does not allow the spine to fatigue, the T-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip with both hands. Many brushcutters are equipped with additional attachments, for example, a mowing head, a plastic or metal knife.

The mowing head is a spool with polyamide thread and is used for small to medium-dense young shoots of grass. Plastic knives can thin out last year’s grass and tough sedge, but at the same time damage the thin shoots and lower branches of garden trees. A metal knife is an excellent option if you need to mow a densely overgrown area, since it cuts off literally everything that other nozzles do not cut.

Using a trimmer or brushcutter, you can easily turn the lawn at a country house into a smooth velvet lawn that will delight the eyes of all residents and guests of the site and at home..

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