Nail care: current trends

There are many standards of beauty that change periodically, but one of them has remained unchanged for centuries.. These are well-groomed hands with neat nails. By carefully looking at women’s hands, one can form an opinion about how much a woman takes care of herself. At the same time, the nails are immediately evaluated, and the first impression of a person depends on how they look..

Everyone is accustomed to believe that the perfect nail care can be provided by a professional master in a prestigious salon. Not everyone can afford expensive procedures that need to be performed on a regular basis, and why pay a lot of money for something that you can purchase at a much lower cost. Every woman gains experience in the process of caring for her hands, and if she does it regularly, she soon becomes a real master of manicure. All that remains is to buy professional products that will quickly put your legs in order and make them dazzlingly beautiful..

With the appearance of shellac in Moscow, girls and women immediately appreciated its capabilities. The amazing properties of this nail polish fulfill a woman’s dream of timeless beauty. Indeed, shellac is flawless in its characteristics, since it combines the best properties of gel and varnish. It does not contain harmful impurities that are in the varnish, so there is no pungent smell at all. But the main thing is that it has a beneficial effect on the legs and stays on them for up to two weeks in perfect condition. Shellac does not chip, does not flake off in pieces, because its structure is very strong.

If you have applied shellac to your nails, then you can be sure that in the next half month you will not need to choose a new coating. The only reason for removing shellac is female inconstancy, as women of fashion get bored of walking for two weeks with the same nail color.

In this case, there will also be no problems, since shellac is easily removed at home using ordinary nail polish remover. There are a great many shades of this unusual coating, so you can change them as much as you like. As for the cost of shellac, it does not differ from the price for branded varnishes, therefore it remains affordable. Of course, every woman decides for herself which coating to entrust her precious marigolds, but knowing that there is such an interesting novelty as shellac, it is difficult to refrain from not evaluating its properties.

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