We insulate the walls of the house with foam

The method of insulating the facade of a building with polystyrene foam appeared relatively recently and immediately gained high popularity, being effective, simple and inexpensive. Walls can be insulated both at the stage of construction of a new house, as well as an old building, and the walls of an apartment in an apartment building. The process of warming, consisting of several stages, must be carried out as efficiently as possible, since the final result will depend on this, and as a result, the warmth in the room. Surface preparation.

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Just like when performing any kind of finishing work, it is necessary to prepare the surface before the insulation process. If necessary, the walls must be leveled, cleaned of mortar overflows; if paint is present, the surface must be thermally or chemically treated in order to obtain high adhesion to the surface. In turn, it is also necessary to check the wall for delamination of plaster layers and the presence of voids. Remove these problem areas and, if necessary, plaster. You can clean the wall from dust and dirt with a jet of water. After washing off all contaminants, prime with a deep penetrating primer, which is intended directly for outdoor use.

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