Modern types of penetration testing: which one you should choose

Pentest or penetration testing service is used by consulting companies to select effective cyber defense tools for your business. Using this system, you can find vulnerabilities available to hackers and block them.

Penetration Testing as a Service is a simulated situation. The system appears to be being infiltrated by a hacker, while the operator watches for supposed vulnerabilities to block them, making unauthorized access impossible.

Pentest actions are aimed at protecting the security system from hacker attacks. They are on the hunt for classified information such as:

  • personal Information;
  • financial accounts;
  • credentials;
  • intellectual property and much more that you can profitably sell to your competitors.

Penetration Testing is designed to identify weaknesses in the computer infrastructure in order to avoid similar actions by intruders. This procedure must be carried out regularly so that the company can avoid all sorts of risks, up to the loss of an impeccable reputation.

Modern types of penetration testing: what is it

Despite the similarity and the desire for a single end result, this type of verification can be divided into 3 types:

  1. «Black box». This type of testing is carried out on the basis of meager knowledge about the company (website name or address). In the process, the tester collects information about you on their own. This method quite accurately reflects the work of a hacker, but has a significant drawback — a limited time limit.
  2. «White box». This type of testing is carried out based on all the necessary parameters of your company. In this situation, the security service is warned about the event. At this stage, you can find out the number of vulnerabilities to the maximum. The downside of this type of testing is that it bears little resemblance to a hacker attack.
  3. Gray box. This is a combinatorial method for testing the two previous types. Partial information is received, but during the test, you can make a request for more complete information, which will significantly reduce the duration of the event.

The last type of testing comes close enough to a real hacker attack. It harmoniously combines the advantages of both methods described above. Which of the listed types of testing to use — the owner of the company decides on his own.

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