Building a stone house

Any construction of a house must be carried out in a certain sequence.. This is due to the fact that a building is a set of certain interconnected elements that perform a particular function in a structure..

In order for the building to be erected with a high level of quality, the construction and installation work presented on should be performed in a certain sequence and in compliance with the technology.

First of all, you should develop a project for the future home. To do this, it is best to contact a specialized company, since only in this case it will be possible to avoid possible mistakes, which are usually subsequently corrected taking into account the large material and physical costs. In the design process, the wishes of the customer are taken into account, but only within those limits that do not contradict the current building codes. The project of the house should provide for the division of the building into residential, utility and utility parts..

After the project of the house is ready, they proceed to its direct construction. All work begins with the manufacture of the foundation. A stone house has a significant mass, therefore, its durability and quality of operation depend on the quality of the foundation. The type of foundation of a house made of stone depends on the type of soil on which it will be built, as well as on the depth of the groundwater and the features of the operation of the house.

The next stage is the construction of the walls of the future house, which are divided into load-bearing and partitions. The main feature of load-bearing walls is that they are designed to take on all the load from the floors and the roof of the house..

As for the partitions, they are loaded only by their own weight. For the construction of walls in a stone house, masonry technology is used. In order to properly lay the material, it is necessary to use control and measuring tools and small-scale mechanization tools. The quality of the material used is also important..

After that, the floors and the roof of the building are made, the floors are interfloor and attic. In stone houses with several floors, the floors are monolithic or reinforced concrete. The roof of a house made of stone can also be different. Most often it is made either of a flat or pitched type..

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