Conditions created for customers on the Glambook platform

Internet users first got acquainted with the Glambook free software for the development of the beauty industry in 2020. It immediately attracted the attention of professionals and client audiences. Here are the works of professional masters, whose services can be used by making an appointment via the Internet. For those who regularly use the services of beauty salons, you can download Glambook apps — barbershops. It’s easy to save time with this app. This platform provides masters with business proposals of the following format:

  • posting customer reviews. They will be written by people who really use the services of certain masters;
  • the possibility of informing newcomers and regular customers about discounts or promotions;
  • the possibility of increasing the level of income thanks to the platform.

Clients also receive a number of offers:

  • find your master on the site;
  • quick booking via the Internet at a convenient time;
  • payment for the service, both in cash and by credit card.

By agreement, the client can call the master at home or come to the beauty coworking on their own. Conditions created for customers on the Glambook platform On this resource, not only clients, but also masters are warmly and respectfully treated, creating convenient options for using the platform for them. Consider the conditions created by Glambook for their artists and their clients:

  • 24/7 operation, which makes it possible to save time and manage the schedule. The client receives a preliminary reminder to sign up for a session;
  • possibility of payment for the service, both in cash and by bank transfer;
  • the master has the right to issue an invoice to an unscrupulous client for late cancellation of the reservation or for not appearing at the session by appointment.

On the Glambook platform, established masters from different countries are ready to provide their services. Here you will find specialists:

  • hairdressing art. The service is available to clients of both genders;
  • manicure;
  • make-up artists massage; in the field of cosmetology;
  • for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • tattoo and piercing;
  • for depilation;
  • for permanent make-up.

It should be noted that masters from 38 countries of the world offer their services. Cooperation is conducted with Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany and other countries. Clients who turn to this platform will be satisfied, because only professionals work here.

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