Curvy shapes require a decent «cut»

Correctly selected clothes can change a person beyond recognition, emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. Thanks to geometric shapes, intricate patterns, various fabrics and cuts, you can visually make the figure more slender or, conversely, give it splendor and volume. This textile «play» allows you to look stunning regardless of body constitution. Fat women, despite this, are shy of their forms and try to hide them in wide shapeless clothes, thereby not hiding flaws, but exposing them to the public..

It’s easy to be flawless!

Presenting curvy female forms is not easy, but Lina’s clothes are the best assistant in this. Thanks to natural fabrics, things fit perfectly on the figure, do not wrinkle or stretch. It’s a pleasure to wear such clothes..

Fat women have «wealth» that catwalk models can only dream of — we are talking about lush breasts. The trick lies in the correct selection of blouses, tops, tunics that can emphasize the neckline. A neckline of any shape visually lengthens the neck and face and distracts attention from problem areas, such as the tummy. Cut is also important, it should only be slightly fitted, but not tight. Among Lina’s models, you can find interesting options for every day, as well as outfits for going out.

Having decided on the top, you can pick up the bottom. On curvy women, straight-cut trousers or flared from the hip look perfect. In this case, you should avoid too light shades. The same goes for skirts. They should be strict, perhaps with light drapery or a graceful cut. Depending on the top, you can please yourself with leggings or breeches that are fashionable this season. Lina’s clothes will allow you to fantasize and change, without being afraid to focus on your appetizing forms..

Do not forget about accessories — they will help to complement the image. Long large beads will visually make the figure more slender, lengthen the neck and accentuate the color of the eyes. It is worth paying attention to scarves made of various fabrics. So, for example, a chiffon scarf and beads of light shades are suitable for summer. When creating sets of clothes, it is important to pay attention to shoes with heels. Tall women can afford to wear ballet flats under trousers or dress. You can be beautiful and attractive without having a model figure, for this it is enough to choose the right clothes!

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