How to sell used furniture

How to sell used furniture

When a company or individual refurbishes office furniture, the old is usually sold or thrown away. The first option is much more profitable, because the income from the sale can offset part of the cost of buying new furniture. To sell office furniture, you need to decide on five points, including identifying opportunities, preparing goods, planning a price, finding a client, arranging delivery.

To begin with, it is worth understanding whether this product can be sold and whether there are those who want to buy it. You can simply upload a picture to Avito or a similar resource and wait for responses, but it may take time and the product may simply not be sold. On the other hand, if you immediately think about who can buy your product and where the interest in it is higher, then you will not have to leave ads on all available resources, but choose a specific one. It is important to understand that old tables may only be required by a very poor company. Also, you can find out if someone is moving to your business center and sell old furniture to them..

The product must be suitable for sale. If the employee’s desk is all sealed with chewing gum, then it is worth taking them off. Based on the appearance and overall safety of the furniture, you need to come up with a price for it. Don’t overstate the bar. Analyze the market for similar furniture and keep in mind that you will not be able to sell expensive furniture initially (perhaps even for half the price), because those who can afford expensive furniture will not have a desire to buy used sets. So, aim low, so you get money and you don’t have to throw furniture in a landfill..

Now that you’ve prepared the furniture, figured out the price for it, and found where to place your ad, it’s time to wait for customers. As soon as those appear, you need to decide on the delivery. You can ask to pay for the delivery of furniture separately or include it in the price. Alternatively, you can offer someone your furniture cheaper if the person picks it up..

For those interested in new office furniture, there are office furniture stores, including online ones. On the websites of companies that sell office furniture, you can order a set of office furniture for the manager, armchairs and tables for employees, as well as shelves and sofas for interior furnishing of office premises.

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