Wood for your buildings

One of the most high-tech wood materials, which has gained popularity in many European countries, is a wood-polymer composite, also called polymer decking or «liquid wood». WPC has absorbed the best properties and qualities of plastic and wood. It has much better properties than each of these materials taken separately. Polymer board consists of a wood-polymer composite, the basis of which is a thermoplastic binder. Such boards are highly recyclable. If you want to use pure wood materials, larch decking is perfect for you. The fact is that larch is resistant to all sorts of damage, and if it is well dried, it resists rotting perfectly. This material will be indispensable where you need to build something beautiful and durable. Larch passes the water test perfectly. Previously, it was used even in the construction of ships. It is also very good to build various underwater structures from it. Even the noblest types of wood are inferior to larch in quality. The color palette of this tree is also much wider. It has twelve shades in total..

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