Protection of the designed baths

Protection of projected buildings and structures. The development of protection measures for projected buildings and structures is carried out, as a rule, by specialized organizations, such as the Gorproekt in the city of. Katowice (design of civil buildings) and the Institute for Research and Standard Design in the Coal Industry in Katowice (design of industrial buildings). The design is carried out taking into account the expected deformations of the earth’s surface in accordance with the current regulatory document enacted by the Committee for Construction and Architecture in 1962. Design is carried out in relation to the categories of buildings and structures. Constructive measures to protect the designed buildings and structures basically coincide with similar measures used in the Soviet Union in accordance with the current regulatory documents. The calculation methods for structural measures differ from the corresponding calculation methods used in the Soviet Union..

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Buildings and structures are calculated in the PNR for bending in the vertical plane according to the method of prof. Vasilkovsky. In the Soviet Union, the calculation for bending is carried out according to a more advanced method, which makes it possible to reduce the design forces by taking into account the final stiffness of buildings. In determining the additional forces acting on a building in the horizontal plane (frictional forces and lateral pressure), the Soviet Union also uses a more advanced methodology, which takes into account, in particular, the value of the mutual displacement of the soil and foundation under lateral pressure. Methods for determining the friction forces along the soles of foundations are currently being revised in the NDP..

Noteworthy are the latest experimental and theoretical studies carried out at the Main Mining Institute in the building protection laboratory to clarify the method for determining friction forces on a special installation to study the relationship of deformations of the base and foundations of buildings during part-time work and determine horizontal loads and forces.

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