Minecraft mods with Mncrftmods

Minecraft is one of the most famous computer games. It is wildly popular with people of all ages.

Like representatives of the Sims series of games, Minecraft is completely universal and opens up the widest scope for creativity. There is even a separate mode. But the basic survival mode should not be forgotten. Especially since fans have written a lot of mods for the game. They pretty much change Minecraft. Some are so global that they pull on a separate game. And you can download Minecraft Mods on https://mncrftmods.com/ for free — non-commercial projects.

General description

There are many different mods available on Mncrftmods. Small ones add new types of mobs, change existing ones, modify some objects. For example, you can add a lot of tameable foxes to the game with the Beautiful Foxes mod, replace the snowy biome with a more hardcore frosty one with Frost, or just add cosmetic changes. How do you like the three-dimensional sun?

More serious mods significantly affect the gameplay. They add new features, bosses, dimensions. Or new original objects — lakes with acid, for example. You can add the concept of race and backstory to Minecraft, walk through the transformed Underworld and participate in an event called «Solar Apocalypse».

As mentioned earlier, all mods are absolutely free. They can be downloaded from the site without the slightest hesitation. Arranged in convenient small assemblies. Before installing, make sure that the version of the mod matches the version of your game. Otherwise, Minecraft will not work correctly.

Some details

The Origins mod adds the concept of prehistory to the Minecraft world. You can now play as multiple base races. Each has its own gameplay features — arachnids can climb walls, avians are able to soar (and therefore do not develop), and catmen see better in the dark. The common man is also available.

Thirst and Temperature adds two new indicators to the game — thirst and temperature, respectively. You need to watch it just as closely as you do your diet. Thirst increases over time (you have to constantly look for water), the temperature depends on the biome in which you are. For example, it is hot in the sand and cold in the snow. It is hot in the depths of the dungeons, cold in the mountain peaks. The effects of temperature come true with ordinary water.

Solar Apocalypse adds a temporary event to the game. Suitable for truly hardcore survival. The sun gets too close and generates too much heat. At first, the effect is barely noticeable, just the snow melts during the day. Later, the rivers dry up, the sand turns to glass, and the hero and mods begin to burn in the sun.

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